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Smile Re: I'm tired of eating so much.

Originally Posted by Glis25 View Post
I honestly dont know what is wrong with me. I always feel like im hungry, and i just always have desires to eat. I will be well fed yet still want more food. Ive always been fat but now its gotten to a point where im slowly killing myself. I eat garbage food and Ive gotten to a point where I eat myself to a point where im about to throw up once a week. Im just tired of it yet I cant stop. I dont really know what to do. The more I eat the more weight I put on and feel more depressed, yet eventually ill be like "okay ill just stop eating junk food" and then three hours later ill eat a bunch of garbage. I feel like im using food to eat my depression away but it dosent work and its just a never ending cycle of feeling depressed, eating, then feeling depressed again. Im just lost on what to do.
The best advice I could give to feel more satisfied when you eat is that to eat in small portions and drink water all day long. Literally you get the urge to eat then drink water and if your hunger stays then you actually need food. If you are trying to lose weight dont eat any carbs like bread potato chips breaded food and fried food at all and dont eat red meat like hamburgers. Try to go walking for 30 minutes a day and I can garantee you will lose weight in no time. Also try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead. Your diet might be a bit stall but you will find ways to spice it up. Grilled chicken is the best meat to eat to help you lose weight.

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