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Default I Made These Up In Learning Lab

I have no titles yet.

My heart is burning
My eyes are red
My wrists are bloody
Why did you hurt me the way you did?
Taking my pain and making it pleasureable
For the only person you care about


All I know are swirls of orange and yellow
Turning Red
Red all around
When I look into a mirror my eyes are red
When I look down at my wrist, red flows out
When I look at your picture I see red
From all the anger and hurt you cause
And little red drops fall onto it
As I cry and sit here in denial.


I'm taking it all back
The "I love you"s
The times I said you were my only one
All of it

(The Bell Rang Before I Got To Finish It)


lil' ashes
i don't need pills
when i have a drug like you.

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