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Default Secret Hands......

My hands, small and frail,
know the inner corruptivity of this world.
They watch with there rosy, blistered streaks.
Watching the pain that ive caused others.

My eyes, Blue mountains,
attacked with the fresh blue sea.
Dark and mysterious,
They also can sight these evil mistakes I commit.
Watching the pain ive caused others.

My face, Dark and sunken.
It deepens the more mistakes I make.
The more thrashes I take.
My mask is completely exposed,
because the stitches have worn off.
Now, Its an evil, blunt horror.
Watching the pain ive caused others.

My arms, Scratched and bruised.
Suffer the insanity of my mind.
Get struck by pieces of broken glass.
Become whipped into scars.
They bleed out the impurities in my body.
when I get all the insanity out of my body,
will I be alive to enjoy...
the happiness I cause others?
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