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Default Re: Autumnal Chills - Project #1

When this story actually has some more content and progress in it I may actually start uploading to Wattpad. Or I may just wait for it to be finished. Who knows.

~ 6 months later ~

I don't know why I had agreed with him, but I found myself walking straight past my house as I walked home with Calvin: we were going to have dinner at his place. He'd never spoke about his place much, and yet he never mentioned his family or anything like that. I wondered what they'd be like toeards me when I walked through the door. Had me mentioned me to any of them? I knew I would find out soon.

The thing was, I wouldn't: he lived alone, in a studio flat. It was practical for him, but incredibly cluttered. There were takeaway containers littered across the worktop and floor, and other general rubbish on and surrounding the only bin in the house.
"Do you not clean this place at all?!" I judged jokingly, and he looked back at me sheepishly. I guess guys just didn't prioritise cleanliness as much as girls did.
"Look, it's Friday right? We'll just chill tonight, and I'm gonna clean up this place for you tomorrow. It's a tip!" I chuckled, and he nodded shyly; his guard was clearly up since I had entered his private space. Or he just didn't know how to care for guests that well, which was understandable. Doing my best attempt to dodge all of the clutter, I grabbed the limescale-ridden kettle and filled it up with the kitchen tap. I quickly rummaged the cupboard while the kettle took what felt like years to boil, and came across some instant coffee and milk. At least he had something to keep us going. Calvin had retired to his bed, watching me go through chaos to make cups of coffee for the both of us.

"See, it's not that bad," he laughs, after relaxing from his previous tense state, "it's cosy." I couldn't not agree with him on his statement - his little apartment was very cosy and served it's purpose of keeping him sheltered.
"I know the guy who owns these flats. He's like... family, I guess. He's letting me stay here for free until I get a job." He stuttered out between sips of his coffee. As he gratefully sipped, I could tell he liked my company in his home. He was most likely alone the entirety of the time he wasn't at school, and even then he was a loner except for the times I kept him company. Maybe I was helping him out more than I had thought.
"Hey, dinner's on me tonight, okay?" I say, while my left hand is searching around in my skirt pocket, unearthing a debit card and a couple of bank notes. I grin, while grabbing the copious amounts of takeaway menus. With all the junk food he ate, I had no clue how he wasn't morbidly obese.

We heard a knock at the door, and that was indeed the pizza delivery guy with 2 pizzas. The place was so regularly used, they didn't even need his address. They could tell from his voice on the phone alone that they would be delivering to his flat... again. I open the door, grab the pizzas and pay the guy and he leaves, looking surprised at the notes. Maybe he wasn't expecting for the pizzas to be actually paid for.

A few minutes later, we had dug into our meals, and I thought this would finally be the time to bring up Isla. We were all alone, with no-one eavesdropping or interrupting.
"Hey, Calvin?" I say nervously, trying to think what my next line would be. The most I get is a surprised grunt, his mouth stuffed with pepperoni pizza.
"Something weird happened on that first day of school... you know when I ran away from you?" I spoke slowly, so that he would be taking it all in. He nodded in response to my question and to tell me that he had understood.
"I went into the languages cleaning closet to mope about for a little bit, and this girl burst open on me and took me to my next lesson. She told me she was class rep, but when I asked my younger brother who's supposedly in her form - he said he'd never heard of her. It was weird." I explained to him, and the whole time he was listening intently.
"And have you seen her since?" He responds, after gulping down his mouthful of doughy goodness. I shake my head at his response somberly. After this, he was deep in thought for the rest of the dinner, while I just finished a few slices of my plain pizza.

When I grabbed the boxes to tidy up with the best effort that I could from the restrictions of his messy kitchen, Calvin called round from the partition protecting his bed:
"Hey, do you remember her name?" He asked curiously. Maybe this is was I needed. This would give me closure from what I most definitely saw on that autumn Monday. I needed to know, and Calvin could give me answers. I waited a few seconds hesitantly, as if I was trying to jog my memory. Of course I knew her name, it was heavily imprinted in my mind. I saw her - well, it was just an illusion - from the corner of my eye whenever I was at school.
"Yeah... it was Isla Rayner... I think?" I say, keeping up the forgetful and nonchalant act. But he didn't respond. I turned round to face Calvin, and to my surprise his eyes were wide open in horror.

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