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Default Re: I feel embarrassed

The internet is probably the ABSOLUTE WORST place to go looking for support or advice about eating disorders, aside from a few places. Obviously people here on VT try to be understanding and kind, but I imagine even some people here have said some inappropriate things in the past.
Don't waste your time with forums, or any site that allow other users (or anonymous people) to leave comments. Inevitably you will run into the basement dwelling internet troll who is just waiting for an opportunity to knock you down and say something cruel.

Stick to medically based sites that have articles written by actual doctors and health professionals.

You need to go see a doctor, and you shouldn't feel ashamed. If you want help, they will be able to put you on a path to hopefully get yourself well. Binging and purging is absolutely unhealthy and in the long run and can cause many different health issues.

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