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Unhappy I feel embarrassed

Since last year I've caught on to some type of eating disorder, I've binged a lot. It hasn't occurred to me until now that it could be a problem. I seeked some help online on another website after an upsetting binge episode. People who commented were quite passive, saying how it was weird or crazy for binge eating to be a disorder and even some guy saying "It's just b*tches getting/being fat. Stop. Problem solved" and other similar comments and how I was looking for attention. They made me feel dumb for seeking help and now I'm just embarrassed and feel like I shouldn't worry. Honestly, I was quite surprised by my feedback. Even my boyfriend didn't seem to listen when I told him that I ate two whole bags of donuts in one sitting, to the point of discomfort, loss of control, and an urge to throw up. He was saying how I was hungry but didn't know it and I argued and stated that I wasn't even hungry. That I felt out of control and helpless. But he shrugged it off as hunger.
I would see a doctor but I'm ashamed. My mom has been wary of this and I think she wouldn't be surprised if she found out, since she knows already how I think of myself as fat.
I just feel dumb, especially since I don't have a diagnosis.
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