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Thought I'd add in a mock question as revision for my English Language.

Write the opening part of a story about a place that is severely affected by the weather.

To my dismay, I wake up. Another day in this hell. I open my heavy eyes, and stretch my arms out of the array of buttercup yellow emergency blankets. My younger brother, James, was still clutched to my stomach, huddling for warmth. I daintily unlatch his arms from me, successful in keeping him asleep. He hated living in the wasteland as much as I did.

We were just lucky enough to get our own tarpaulin space, so we didn't have to share our already limited space with any strangers. Call me selfish, but we were all managing in our own ways. The little possessions we had were scattered in bags across the freezing floor: a few of yesterday's rations (James didn't feel like eating much, although he tried), some of the severely oversized clothing donated to us, and the heavy winter jackets and boots - also donated. I pulled on my clothes on top of the thermals I was already wearing, with the motive to head out to collect our rations, and a hot drink for James. Speaking of the devil, he was just rousing as I tied up the boots.

"Where... am I?" He bolted up, and looked around worriedly. He pulled the blankets up around him more as he shivered. His paranoia evaporated and his gaze fell downwards as he managed to recollect the situation that we were in. We had suffered from blizzards for days, and everyone who lived in our town had evacuated to the wilderness a few kilometres away. The snow was still bad, but our town was in shambles after an avalanche had wrecked everything. Barely anything was saved, except for the clothes on our backs. Our parents did not make it out in time, and are still reported missing. While my brother has hope, I do not.
"I won't be long, alright? I'll just go and get our rations from the main tent. I'll get you a hot drink too, it's much colder out here today. Just sit tight." I pull on my jacket - bright red, easier for me to be spotted - and open up the door of our tarpaulin. The snow had eased for now; it was for the best for me to go out while it was still like this. I grabbed our large flask, and headed outwards.

Crunch. Crunch. The crisp snow was fresh, and I was the first to mark it. Other people were just starting to wake up, as the icy winter sun was starting to beat down and light up the other tents and tarpaulins. When the emergency services came to save us, they handed out the tents, along with blankets, sleeping bags and clothes. An emergency hospital tent was also established, where rations were also given out to the survivors daily until something better could be done for us. But for now, this is what our life was like.

I trudged along the narrow pathway down to the tent, as it slowly came to view. More people were starting to emerge from the tents as I got closer, and trekking alone was hard. It took at least fourty minutes to scale across the wilderness towards the tent; we prioritised silence over resources. The masses were lined up, as a sea of people were struggling to get their resources early. To feed their families. To survive. Despite the dense population, there was silence. Just the sound of the collision of snow between boot. My left hand acts as a visor to the bright sun, and I look around. Turning around to see the mountain, a high pitched scream escapes my mouth as I see a tsunami of snow rushing towards us.
"QUICK!" I scream out, pointing to the oncoming avalanche, "EVERYONE DUCK!" The last thing I see is the ground as I fall to the floor, and force my eyes shut as I scream out:

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