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Default 2016 VT Award Results

Hi all, sorry for the delay, it's been a busy start to the year for us, but here are the results of the 2016 VT Awards.

Member of the year - @Emerald Dream

Most admired member - @Emerald Dream

Most influential poster - @Just JT

Best advice giver - @Just JT

VT veteran you most admire - @Scarface

Best staff member - @ImCoolBeans

Male hottie - tie between @Jinglebottom & @SethfromMI

Female hottie - tie between @Emerald Dream & @BlackParadePixie

Best selfie taker - @Hideous

Member you'd most like to get to know better - (no winner)

Most likely to become famous - @Melodic

Most influential blogger - @Devinsoccer

Best signature - (no winner)

Best username - tie between @PlasmaHam & @Plane And Simple

Member who is always online - tie between @Amethyst_ & @Emerald Dream

Best newbie - @Amethyst_

Most missed - tie between @Vermillion & @Judean Zealot

Member you most want to meet - @Mars

Most unique - (no winner)

Most inspirational - (no winner)

Member you'd most like to see a picture of - @Lost Horizon

Friendliest user - @Amethyst_

Funniest member - (no winner)

Best diary - The Treasure Trove

Most likely to set a world record - (no winner)

Best smile - @Hideous

Most likely to wind up in jail - (no winner)

Best debater - @Vlerchan

Best artist - (no winner)

Most likely to become president - (no winner)

As always, thank you to everyone who voted and remember, there's no real prize here, this is all just for fun.

Here's the discussion thread for the awards.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to PM a senior staff member.

I hope 2017's suiting you all well

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