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Default Autumnal Chills - Project #1

"Autumnal Chills" - a small thing I just put together! This is one short section, I'm planning to make a couple more and then upload them to my wattpad! This'll be my first actual project I've done, and I'll keep them up to date here with all of my updates on the project

I froze in my tracks. Was someone - or something, by that matter - following me? I removed my right earbud and gazed around to have a look. The dead leaves of autumn crinkled around like tumbleweed in the chilling wind, yet there was not a person in sight.
"Hmph," I said aloud to myself, speaking my train of thought, "must've just been the wind." I pushed the earbud back in its rightful place and continued my brisk walk home. My grip firmly on the left strap of my backpack, I followed the labyrinth of shortcuts back to my new house.

We'd just moved into this 1930s bungalow, which seemed nice enough, although it was the other side of the country from where I'd lived for my other 15 years of life. Saying goodbye to all of my best friends wasn't easy, not at all; the move was stressful to say the least, too. My old friends were the only thing on my mind while I had been out for a wander around for the majority of the day to get used to the area. After all, walking to and from my new school was not a thing I had been looking forward to at all, even when my dad first said it.

"I managed to get my hands on such a bargain, Stevie! You and your brother are going to enjoy the new opportunities down south. We'll be near the beach too, so you'll get to see the sea often! How does that sound, huh?" as he nudged my shoulder with his comforting left hand. I loved my dad very much, but I feel like sometimes his impulses went a lot faster than his logical reasoning. On the outside, I gleamed. I loved seeing my dad happy, since the majority of time I saw him stress-ridden.
"That's great, dad. When do we move?" I kept the conversation light, and this was represented through my crisp tone. I knew that my twin brother, Ben, wouldn't be as pleased - the typical teenager he is.
"I was thinking within the next week or so, yeah? I was thinking you could help me move the stuff." Everything after this sentence had completely fizzled out of my head. Next week? Are you kidding me?!

The thought still played back in my head while I was walking, along with other affairs such as the gossip I'd be missing with my friends--
"Oof!" I exasperated, as I came crashing on the floor. Supposedly, I had tripped on a tree root, but I couldn't really tell in the dark. My hands had cushioned my fall slightly, but as my head jutted forward my glasses had fallen onto the pavement. "Damn," I thought to myself, "this is the last thing I need: a new set of glasses." I slowly recollect myself, and exhale deeply.
"Do you need a hand?" I hear from a stranger - a boy about my age by the sounds of it - as I look up to see a pale skin-coloured blur in front of me resembling a hand.

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