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Default Worth More Dead

It started out as true love
Ha, yeah, maybe just to me
But then you ignored me
Making me think I did something wrong
I come home and you don’t seem to be the same
I say “hey”
And you’re like “not right now”
So I do my usual “well, if you need me leave me a message.”
Then you pop up and say “there’s something that needs to be changed about “us””
“Oh great” was the only thought in my mind.
You tore me to shreds
You tell me you are upset too
All I can say is “whatever”
I wait til no one was home
And sit in here and cry
All alone
I think about our past
I used to be your “lovely”
But hell, I knew that wouldn’t last
You promised me forever
But gave me nothing
Now I’m here feeling dead
A broken heart and a bloody wrist
And it’s all said
You killed me.

lil' ashes
i don't need pills
when i have a drug like you.

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