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If I were u, I would dump him if he said one rude word, even if it were sarcastic, like holding him on a shoestring. If he does one thing to piss u off, like call you a 'complete bitch' (which is NOT called for) ever again, I (If i WeRe you) would get with some friends, pin him to the ground, put make up all over his face, take some tape, tape his fingers to a telephone pole, and slowly cut off his fingers one at a time until he begs u for forgiveness. And then, to stop the bleeding, I'd used a lighter or a match (the heat can be the most effective, but most painful.) Then, I'd slice him open, hang him upside down and let his insides spill out, and put hot coals on the inside of his body, put a stake through his heart, set him on fire, then run over him with a diesel. Or, you could just knock a couple of teeth out by bitch-slapping him really really hard. Whatever, it's your choice. I'd beat the hell out of him for no reason and call him a fuckslob in front of everybody, dump him, and "spit on his soul" Like I said, do what u feel is necessary....
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