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Default Re: Asperger's syndrome in a nutshell

Generally, yes. Allow me to rephrase that- From personal experience, I can easily be sociable, but it's hard to know how another is to react to anything I say. Since I can (and will) come off as blunt sometimes, it no longer really surprises me that some people cannot host effective conversations with me without it turning awkward or argumentive incredibly quickly. Keep in mind, how I think another will react isn't personalized, as I have a hard time discerning how people act, and as such, I talk as if I were talking to a mirror of my own thoughts and feelings. A good example of this is my first girlfriend (now ex) described in my earlier posts- she was willing to try for a relationship, but since my idea of a relationship revolved around truly enjoying a person's existence alongside another rather than getting into lovey-dovey crap all the time, I came off, as she put it, as "More of a friend than anything.", when I truly enjoyed being with her. I use this merely as an example, and leave the rest of it out, mainly because this specific topic isn't the place to discuss how I feel about the event, being that my feelings regarding it have nothing to do with the topic at hand.
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