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Default Re: Asperger's syndrome in a nutshell

I don't have Asperger syndrome myself but I do know one person who has a clinical diagnosis and another couple I suspect do have Asperger syndrome.

Originally Posted by Danieldv77 View Post
[SIZE="3"]Generally, the average person has an inborn tendancy to associate a certain way with others, which is a trait we lack even when in our early stages we learn how to converse and communicate.
I wonder if we are talking about the same thing but the people I know are generally quite sociable which is, as you say, quite unlike the more severe forms of traditional autism, but sometimes have trouble with "theory of mind", i.e. imagining what the other person in a conversation might be thinking or how that person might react in response to what they do or say. This has lead do doing things and then being genuinely surprised when someone else is really offended or, on the odd occasion, really angry. Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of?
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