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Originally Posted by whiskey View Post
okay so first of all-not diagnosed, not even really self diagnoses, i dont think its ocd but its definitely a problem
I have a really bad skin picking issue where, it started out where it only happened when i was stressed or angry but i would started picking at the raised skin (not really pimples but sometimes theyre like white-heads) on the back of my arms, but then it escalated to it being everywhere and for no reason at all.
Now, and for the past two years i think, there will be times where ill go in front of a mirror and pick at every single blemish and imperfection on my skin all over my face and my back and my arms and my chest FOR LIKE AN HOUR. and after a while ill even say to myself that i need to stop and that im ruining my face and that im going to leave scars but i cant bring myself to stop its like i cant control it. and that happens usually once a day unless im with my girlfriend and she can tell me to stop or like im actively concentrating on not doing it.
but idk its not ocd but it is a weird tic that worries me.
please leave any advise or if you have anything similar going on or just wanna talk, thank you(:
Sometime I bite the skin on the side of my finger nails. I think its my OCD kicking in because when I see the price of skin sticking out it triggers me and I hate to keep on biting it off until its all clean or seem clean. I can relate to you so much
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