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Default Re: Asperger's syndrome in a nutshell

Originally Posted by Danieldv77 View Post
Being more verbal than others of the same case, I do agree that many tend to be locked in. Also, I understand the spiritual approach that you make. My ideas on the subject vary differently, but what you say does make sense.
What do you vary on and why? Can you explain it?

The way I explain it, is that those more effected on the autistic spectrum (and I do believe a spectrum is an appropriate measurement of the conditional state) tend to have neurons that cause "looping", and from an emotional management standpoint as well.

Hence the origin of anxiety, it tends to short-circuit and overwhelm the person to the point where energy needs release, for some physical movements just GO, and for others it's handled more in the emotional-spectrum as irrational and unreasonable thoughts.

In regards to those with Aspergers individuals preferring clear concise rules that too is a preference to avoid the abstract because of the stress of being trapped in the various information processing of the brain.

I also strongly believe that the psychological phenomena of Synesthesia is strongly present for many of those on the Autism Spectrum whether they be verbal, or non-verbal.

But I also believe in neuro-plasticity and that if any individual on the Autistic Spectrum disorder wants to, they can to some degree and with the right tutors and guidance, really learn to grow and at least understand others perspectives at least from a textbook point of view, but personally they may still prefer their way of doing things.

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