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Default Give an opinion but dont b 2 harsh

Okay theres this girl that weve been friends since she was 9 and i was 10. For part of the year, I'm two years older, and for the other part, I'm only one year older (numerically.) My bday July 92 and hers February 94. Shes in 6th gr and Im in 8th. I want 2 know if its ok to ask her out. shes 11 and im 13, shell be 12 in february, ill be 14 in July. she is more mature than 11, and is actually as tall as i am, and as smart, almost as mature, but would this be ok? give an opinion pl. But dont b 2 harsh if u think this is nasty or anything. we sort of 'went out' b4, when she was 9, I was 11, and after she turned 10, we went our ways 4 a while, but we wurnt official bf and gf, somewhere inbetween friends and relationship. i know 10 and 11 is early for bf and gf somewhat but were both more mature than 11 and 13, probably about 16 and 18 on maturity scale. ill just shut up now and let you give ur opinion hope this wasnt too long just needed to give the whole story. im probly gonna do it anyway cuz i like her, but i needed 'peer' opinion. thanks
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