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ok hears tha new scoop [im hungry i had to bring somehting involving ice cream into this yummy]
i went to my schools first varsity game[they lost by 3 points damn it] and this girl was there and i was thinkin that if she wasnt ther i was gonna ask this other girl out but that other girl wasnt and the original girl was there[holy fuking confusing im coplicated leave me alone] so i was haging wit her but damn those frendz of hers there like fuking mosquitos u can kill em but they always come back
but anyways i was wit her and there was talk of a huge fight /driveby from our rival town [errrrrrrrrrrgh] but she was like hol ding ont oo my arm for protection and all this shit i was like sweating like a mother fuker and she didnt care so i dont know and then towards the end of the night she took my hat and just wore it the rest of the night but anyways i let her keep and not be an ass hole and fuking rip it off her head [cuz im like that wit hats damn it] nad she just said "ill bring it to skool and give it u on monday" and guess this is preety kick ass........u
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