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Default Is this good, or just plain cruel?

Left me long ago
Didn't say a word
Actin like what you said
Isn't nothin I've never heard.
Its been a while
But I wanted you.
I couldve walked for miles
But when I got there
In the arms of another man
Upon seeing it
I turned and ran
U said on the phone
that thered be another "us"
But no, you whore....
I don't want you no more
You've caused too much pain
Like the sting of frozen rain.
I wont hate you forever
Maybe for a while
After so long, we could learn to smile
as "us"
We could forget
That you were a bitch
Maybe I want u, maybe I dont
It'll take time
Thats for sure.
Why'd you have to act so immature?
You know he doesn't like you
He just wants to get in your pants
hey thats one thing u both have in common:
On second thought, I dont think I want u anymore.

PM me if you need to talk.....I am always listening.
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