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Default Social Anxiety

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm 90% sure I have social anxiety. I go out of my way to avoid going places that make me uncomfortable, I am deathly afraid of being judged and making mistakes, I experience mild panic attacks, especially at school, I don't talk to anyone new, I hate getting attention from people, etc. It's been getting worse recently... I almost cried in AP World History after not knowing the answer to a question today. Anywho, I have a question for you all ^.^
I really want to do something about this. I want to make it better. I thought about telling my doctor about it, and seeing if I could get some medication to lessen the severity? I don't want to feel like a specimen under a microscope, however. I don't want a huge amount of questions, and I don't really want to go into the details with her (my doctor), or a therapist. Therapy is NOT an option. So, I ask everyone out there who has had experience with anti anxiety medication: What exactly did you have to go through in order to obtain it? And did it help at all? Do you have any suggestions for me other than meds to help control this? Thank you all so much <3
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