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Originally Posted by Elokyn
I'm not a virgin..and I'm straight..and I'VE had a dream that I've had sex with a girl lol

We don't really have control over our dreams 0_o
haha, yeah i know we cant control, but i only get 2 of it.... till now....
how about you all? often...?

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
I'm a boy, virgin virgo and yes I've had dreams about having sex with a girl

I've also had dreams where I drowned in an ocean of my own blood

I try not to put to much thought into what i dream.....or for that matter I try not to dream much period
one of my dream is i'm on the water and at the sudden i wake and i found my underpants got wet and that is nearly morning and i didnt care it and contineu my sleeping... haha

Originally Posted by kevo720
it so normal it just your mind thinkin dont worry it tottaLY normal
im sorry i didnt say i am worry...
i just saw one of the posts says that so-and-so get this dream so i wonder who else get it

question!! -
but anyways, i saw the vote says that he is virgin and doesnt get it yet, is this normal?? hmm...
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