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Default "Histrionic Complex"...

So I haven't been diagnosed with it but my friends and boyfriend seem to think I have it (I'm kind of depressing; they're trying to help me through my problems best they can).

I can't really find any info on it at the moment, but I like to refer to the Histrionic Complex as 'Attention Whore Disorder', 'cause that's basically what it is. I guess you could say it's being a compulsive liar or doing repetitive, annoying things to get attention and/or praise. They (Friends/boyfriend) seem to think that I have it because I'm sad all the time and I guess they're sick of me dumping my problems on them, so they're figuring that I'm making up these lies about my family (I'm not, for the record) just so I can feel better when they give me like praise... So... What should I do? What do you guys think?

Also, I've got a bad case of depression. Like there will be these times when I'm uber happy but most of the time I'm kind of withdrawn and quiet (That's not all, I've got most of the symptoms VT lists but I don't want to list them right now). I'm trying to get rid of that, too, but 1: I don't know how, 2: My mom doesn't believe I need a shrink. What should I do about that?
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