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Unhappy I'm tired of eating so much.

I honestly dont know what is wrong with me. I always feel like im hungry, and i just always have desires to eat. I will be well fed yet still want more food. Ive always been fat but now its gotten to a point where im slowly killing myself. I eat garbage food and Ive gotten to a point where I eat myself to a point where im about to throw up once a week. Im just tired of it yet I cant stop. I dont really know what to do. The more I eat the more weight I put on and feel more depressed, yet eventually ill be like "okay ill just stop eating junk food" and then three hours later ill eat a bunch of garbage. I feel like im using food to eat my depression away but it dosent work and its just a never ending cycle of feeling depressed, eating, then feeling depressed again. Im just lost on what to do.

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