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when i get around this girl that i liked for almost a year i get really shy and im always grinning like an idiot.. i can never think of what to say to her even though shes in all of my classes and her lockers right next to mine. i used to be able to talk to her because my friend n her used to be dating.. now its like theres tension between us...

and now my other friend who is kind of a player is flirting with her all the time and when he does it feels like im getting stabbed in the chest.. i dont say anything though because i know hell try and set us up and i dont know if she wants so weak i cant even talk when im around her... im not usually so shy... if my peers were not around i could probably talk to her easier... i want to become her friend and hopefully boy friend so bad but i cant.... im good looking get good grades( 70s to 90s) but im only a bit taller than her maybe an inch at the most..

also if i didnt masturbate for a day i get really horny when i see her and it's noticable through my baggy pants so sometimes i have to go get books to cover it or i have to push it down with my hand through my pocket.. is there any way to stop this from happening?


EDIT:i put im not good looking by accident lol
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