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Okay...well I'm gonna throw my two cents in here

If you did get back with wes you need to call it off with him before you do anything with richard...I mean, asshole or not nobody deserves to be cheated on.
(btw if you say someone is NOT like your bf and that that's a big plus...dontcha think you need to reevaluate?)
There's nothing wrong with fighting in a relationship...just so you know. Sometimes it keeps you sane. It's what you both do and say while your fighting that breaks a lot of people up. If you really care for each other you wont say things like...oooh say...wes did when ya'll were fighting.
Also you have to take into consideration that you have both cheated on each other. Are ya'll gonna be able to really trust each other again and just act like it didn't happen? Trust is one of the number one things a relationship needs.
You also have to you really really want this guy...or do you just want a boyfriend? If it's the latter I'd say you need to be single for a while.
but of course if richard is really really what you want then go for it..just make sure you go about it the right way.

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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