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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

The guy says “are you ready?
The girl says, I have onely done this once before”
The guy says “its no problem, Ill try to make it painless as possible, I promise”
The girl is real wet at this time.
The guy says “ It will be ok… just open up wide..”
The girl says “ok, and starts to open it...”
The guy moves in closer and then he sticks it in her and she screams in pain. He wiggles it around to try to get it really loose.. Then he sees that she is in alot of pain and takes it out. After about 15 seconds he sticks it back in her and starts pushing harder and harder.. Although she is moaning in pain alot, He has to get it done. He just keeps putting it in then takes it out to give her a break.. Then the last time he yells “GOT IT” and pulled it out.. The girl was bleeding crazy! The guy went to get some napkins and started to clean it up…
She finally got that tooth out that has been buggin her for SO LONG!
She thanks the denists and goes home..
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