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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Answers to the last bunch of q's:

1) Masturbating with your father (or any adult) is definitely a very bad idea. Sex needs to be kept out of that relationship, it is always destructive, regardless if you consent to this.

2) Needing to urinate after masturbating is normal. Since a lot of guys masturbate sometime after dinner, when they drink, it's normal to need to urinate a few hours afterwards. It's the drinking and digestion that causes the need to pee, not the masturbation. And it's OK to urinate anytime before or after ejaculating, there's no harm in it. And there's this little valve in your penis that prevents urination during erection, so if you have to go with one, you cannot.

3) It is not typical for testicles to 'hurt' after masturbation, unless you've been really rough.
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