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Man I looked at porn since I was 8.. I was hanging out with my brother he was 11 almost 12 and his friend was 13... And we watched it on his satelite dish(the 13year old friend) my bro let me watch to too, he was a pretty cool bother then.. Now he treats me like his child, rather than an equal... Bleh, oh well. But yeah, ever since that day when I was eight, I've watched pr0n with my friend(the one who was playing that girl who had a bf)..

XD I still remember, I was like 'I gotta tell my mom about this.. I feel bad' then he freaked out at me because it was at his house... We were just curious and were attracted to it, and I remember that day we were stayed up 'till 4am looking for 'vagina' to see what it looked like because on all the porn we saw you saw none.. Then we went to channel 45, the french channel.. And needless to say, the french love their pussy ...

Ever since then, me and my buddy have been pervs D:.. And only he has gotten sexual contact so far.. Damn him and his silver tongue.. He says the corniest things to them and they fall for it, makes me sick, 'cause he like tries to teach me and I don't want to learn because I don't play...

Anyways, I'll never get the talk. For one, they know I know, secondly, my dad found porn in his history that he didn't go on and I got accused and admited, he wasn't angry though. He just said, there's some sites like that, that give you spyware and that you should find safer sites rofl... He's cool with priviliges and shit like that, but he can be an asshole, specially if he's drunk.. I need therapy

I think I'd feel uncomfortable getting the talk from one of my parents and just avoid it, like say I'm going out or leave the room or something XD...
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