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Default Social Anxiety: School

Hello, everyone. I'm new to these forums and this is my first thread, but I'd like other people's input on this.

So since last year I've had extreme anxiety, especially at school. I switched schools to Independent Studies, but the anxiety never decreased. I had anxiety about not just school, though. I would go to good measures to make sure I would never have to meet up with family or go outside. More recently, I got contacted by one of my old friends about meeting up, but I started to freak out and said that my friend had a birthday and completely shut off contact with him.

Even more recently, I've gone hiking and surprisingly I was able to say hi to some people and even had some small chit-chat with two people. I only really have gotten anxious while hiking when there's a big group of people or when I see someone I might have known.

So the fact my anxiety has been rather low in relation to hiking, I started to wonder if my anxiety had magically been lifted, at least a little bit, but today I started to think about school.... I thought about walking in and I thought about last year and being absolutely terrified of everyone and couldn't make eye contact. That got me a bit worried, but I decided "hey, I found that forum and maybe I can ask some questions" and that's what I'm going to do.

So what should I do? Should I wait it out until school comes and see if the anxiety is still really there, or should I go and seek some sort of medication? I've taken PROzac in the past for depression, but I don't remember it helping my anxiety much.

Any replies are much appreciated, thanks!
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