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Personally, I'm not a massive fan of poetry, but I sometimes write pieces just to channel certain feelings and to get messages across. This piece (that I literally just wrote) has no real motive to it, but it helped in terms of channeling emotions.


No-one seems to notice a few months before
That evil-faced Anxiety is starting to crawl on your back
That treacherous journey that can be made
Seamlessly causing a person of an innocent nature to crack.

Anxiety has the voice of malevolence,
It decides what you think and mentally takes you off-track
Driving you off the rails and falling off a cliff
In the form of a panic attack.

Then proceeds the downward spiral that noone expects
You tell them "I'm fine, just tired" to keep them content
Even though it's the exact opposite in your head
As you waste away in your paradise of self-torment.

Standing at the mirror again, it gets worse by the day
You stare at your hideous body that Anxiety made you resent
You get smaller and smaller, just to skin and bone
And this is where you begin your perilous descent

The monster has now taken over your body, no longer you
It's the harsh reality that your friends and family have come to
Realise that you are no longer yourself through and through
And now they know that Anxiety is the boss of you.

If this gets a lot of positive feedback I may post more... I was nervous to post this really, but I do write them a lot and I personally want to see other people's opinions on it.

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