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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Well sorry. You've always called me Zachary, and I feel the same way you do about this: it feel condenscending and inappropriate. You have always been that way to me.

Yes but that is in your opinion. Experience doesn't make it fact.

Oh, Zach, for a while there I thought I was a friend! *Smacks forehead*. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Experience doesn't make it fact for you, perhaps b/c you do not want to accept it as such. However, b/c I have the benefit of experiencing both, it really does make it fact for me, and I might add, for most reasonable, curious people who do not need to feel that their one sided experience gives them adequate data! Your choice to not accept it is regrettable, however, for those who really want to know what it's like, I'm a pretty accurate reporter, this topic is an easy one for me, since it's a simple comparison!

Listen, there's not much difference, there's no 'unique' sensation that goes along with foreskin, it's just "ummm...!!!". That was the OP's q, what's it like to masturbate with foreskin. The answer is that it's really very similiar to masturbating without it, and whatever negligible difference there is, is even less so during vaginal sex.

(if this response isn't OK, please delete it, Bobby, I mean no offence).
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