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Clayton Bigsby, I have to say thank you, because your one of the few people who actually brings up issues, instead of saying some ones good, or bad just because. But I also have to disagree in a few places. 1. On September 11th Bush was afraid, understandably, its stupid to believe anyone would not be, he is A HUMAN BEING NOT A ROBOT.
2. "He found and put in jail thousands of arabs living in America, to protect us from getting attacked again." Remind you of WW2 where we rounded up Japanese in the USA because they were japanese. Does that sound constitutional to you? Arresting american citizen because of their ethnic background? Or maybe you mean terrorists, not arabs?
3. He killed terrorists that caused 9/11 in Iraq? Didn't Bush say that Osama and his terrorist network cause 9/11?
4. Yes there are no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, but it did not change anything by doing so. We cant say its ok for us to destroy a country, and have american soldiers die, so we can feel a little more safe. Life has more value then that.
5. Ok the abortion issue is an opinion, so if your against abortion then yes thats good. And were talking about earth bound american laws, not laws of a different God every week.
6. Death Penalty is an opinion
7. People have constitutional rights, and Bush holding back equal rights to certain groups of americans is unconstitutional.

But once again, thank you for bringing up actual issues.
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