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Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
The 'feeling' of the skin gliding over the head isn't really that distinguishable, it's not that unique, like the difference between the taste of 'sweet' and 'salty', what you feel is the 'Ummmm!', which produces the same feeling of the hand (or inside of the vagina) rubbing up against the exposed glans.

The diff is insignificant.
I find the feeling of my hand, my foreskin and the vagina all totally different feelings.

It may be insignificant for you (that surprises me), but it's not to me...

I'm sure both are good (I don't like direct glans stimulation but that's just me), but I doubt they're the same for most men, like they apparently are for you. That's the danger of a single piece of anecdotal evidence.


"I don't believe in magic. But I do believe in interpreting coincidence exactly the way you want to." -Sherman Alexie
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