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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by LivingDoll View Post
Okayyyyy, I've never really masturbated until a few months back (I'm 17 btw) and got an electric toothbrush just to make it look less obvious, a few people ask why I keep a toothbrush in my room but I always find an excuse =))

It does feel good... but almost too good if you get what I mean, it feels kinda painfull too (the whole vibrating on the clit thing) is that normal?

It's annoying because I keep having to stop because it hurts me too much.
If it hurts too much, then you're clitoris is probably just too sensitive to such a strong vibration. There are ways of getting around that, however: don't put it directly on your clitoris. Maybe put something between you and the brush so it doesn't touch directly (like do it through a blanket you have on that "area").

Main thing is, you probably shouldn't do it the way your are now, since its hurting you. Indirect contact is my prescription (lol as if I was a doctor )
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