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Default What the hell was that?

in the afternoon I hung out with a friend. it's been quite hot and we'd had a beer so we both got kinda tired. We lay on my friend's bed and must both have fallen asleep.
I suddenly woke like from a nightmare and felt like i could hardly breath like from an asthma attack. I wanted to get up...but sudden felt I couldn't. it was like I'm my whole body was pressed down by some extremely heavy weight. I started to get really anxious...I couldn't even move a finger or lift my head from the bed.
the weight seemed to increase and it got even worse . suddenly my whole body seemd like it was shaking internally. there was a loud noise in my head...honestly i have never felt like that before.
i can't say for how long it lasted it felt like ages but i reckon it was only a few minutes.
then the pressure on my body seemed to lift while the shaking increased.
thank god i was halfway back to normal by the time my friend woke. but obviously she noted somethin as she looked worried and asked if I'm okay.
i told her i just woke from a bad i didn't know how to explain it.

so what the hell was that some nightmare aftermath the dream didn't seem so anxious attack? i late started taking drugs again bad trip? ..though i hadn't taken anything today.

Has anyone ever experienced something like that?
i really hope that was a one time thing.
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