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Default Bad case of Insomnia...

Hey.. I'm not sure if it's insomnia.. But I literally don't get tired.. I can be doing some tiring activity all day, then I can just sit down for a bit and feel fine afterwards. Not tired at all... I sleep about 7-8 hours a night at most.. I can stay up all day and night(wake up at 12pm stay up until 11pm the next day...), then wake up at like 3am..

I just don't get tired.. Anyways, yesterday, I stayed up all day and night trying to get my track back in order, so I went to bed at 11pm( I could've stayed up longer, but I felt sick) and woke up at 12pm the next day! That's 13 hours of sleep, great, sleep is good, but with school coming up I don't know how I'm going to get my hours back on track if my body only feels comfortable sleeping during the day...

Help, I need to get ready for school.. It's back in 2days for me..
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