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Default wtf is up i need a shit load of help

ok here b tha scoop there b this girl and i known her since like 3 years ago and we have been frendzs since but since then i statred to develope a nasty crush and it is like fukking eating away at me and i fuking cant get over this

i asked her out and she wouldnt give me a straight answer and i finally got one from her and it was deffinetly wat i wanted to hera and i mean shes played some preety nasty pranks on me before but we are like the best frendzs and this was one of those nasty pranks and i just wanna get her alone and fuking talk to her and i cant do that cuz i never see her outside of skool unless im wit the my posse or she wit herss and it not like im gonna just drag her away from her frendzs but if it comes to that i will

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