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Originally Posted by skhuaban View Post
ok couple of questions...
sometimes i ejaculate but i don't orgasm is that right?
everytime i jack off i have to pee afterwards, normal?
and lastely sometimes when i have a friend over we watch porn and then jack off (not together) it feels way better then just on my own is that weird?
i appreciate any help...
As for ejaculating without an orgasm, then is not very common but it is possible especially if your penis is stimulated in the right way.

As for urinating after masturbating, it is totally normal to do so and is actually a good thing because you are cleaning out your urethra of the residual semen.

Regarding enjoying masturbating when someone else is with you, I am guessing that it is exciting to be with someone and be able to share an experience. As for it being weird masturbating with a friend, it is a totally subjective issue as some folks think that masturbating should be private while others think that there is no harm with jacking off with someone else. I guess the time when jacking off with someone else can get weird is if the other person wants to do something more than jack off with you and if you are not comfortable with doing anything more than simply masturbating.
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