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Originally Posted by Jagged Little Pill
it will happen..NICK!!! It appauls me that you dont give a damn about global warming! The whole world will burn to a crisp and everyone will burn to death if we dont stop all this pollution! Gas is a gross essential! We need to go to solar powered things fast! antarctica has shrunk considerably these past years and the bush administration doesnt give a damn about the environment! God, I hate this stupid fucking shallow world! im 14 and i can see this when a president of the united states cant! this disturbs me greatly! Im disgusted with America. we didn't prepare for the hurricane like we should have either...I'm done ranting.
ITS NOT ALL BECAUSE OF BUSH. Go damn Austin. You think everything is because of Bush. Aids=Bush caused it, West Nile Virus=Bush caused it, Global warming= Bush caused it. Bush didn't do these things!!! Get it out of your head that Bush is the big bad person that causes terror and sickness all over the world!!
Its the whole world that causes these things Austin. Not just the US. We, as humans, have been polluting ever since the dawn of man!!! You can't just say "no more pollution!" like that! Do you think you are going to get the WHOLE world to stop using cars? Do you think you are going to get the whole world to stop Producing good, which would stop the pollution?! NO.
So stop thinking that the US is all big and bad, and everywhere else is like living in heaven!!! You are the shallow minded one! Your accusations are completely false!!
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