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Default Beginning of a manic episode

I was doing really okay for quite a while (guess it was some hypomania state) now I'm feeling a new manic episode coming.
Usually it starts with not needing any sleep which I have now for more than a week.
I'm on a vacation trip and getting in this crazy reckless state is really really bad.
Of course I'm really fun to be with atm...I'm talking, joking drinkna lot and have a really high sex drive...
But yeah in reality it's no fun at all...and I often do things I regret afterwards . I'm thinking about just getting back home and let the others do their road trip undisturbed. But I'm not sure if getting back home alone is a good idea either....well I will think it is soon and leave alone and end up in Los Angeles for all I know.

Shit,why must this be happening??

End of rant.
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