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Question Might I have Bipolar?

This could sound absolutely retarded and probably is but from what I know, it's basically people who switch between being sad and angry.

I've been arrested twice for aggravated assault have had a restraining order against my brothers and have one now against 2 other guys who are brothers because I got into a fight with one of them, I've had 4 or so serious fights. 1 of which broke my knuckle in (didn't keep a tight enough fist) but was not charged for because him and a group of others with him were bullying me for about an hour in class and the teacher did nothing. When I got up to walk past one tried giving me a piece of paper, it had this ugly and far drawing he then said it was me and i punched him across the head breaking my knuckle which still looks fucked to this day with the current restraining order i heard someone whisper under their breath faggot haircut and when I asked them what they said and when they said it again I put them in a headlock and they eventually passed out. The first arrest I put someone in a headlock because he was hitting another kid but they said not to interfere so I got arrested, it really depends on the parents :/ anyways so that's most my angry side, and with the sad side it's just depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts.

I don't know... this is probably just me being angry and sad...

but i've written too much to go back

Also I've only ever been diagnosed with Aspergers

Roses are red
Violets are crying
I'm in the hospital
They say I'm dying
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