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Default My friend Scott...

Last Friday my friend Scott Rogers Died from a brain anurism. somebody hit his head and it gave him a brain anurism. He went to the hospital and died later that night. He was one of my best friends and i cant believe he's really gone and he will be greatly missed by everybody at home. he was 13 years old...and in 8th grade at my school. It was really hard to lose him...ive never lost a friend before...but its been a few days and yesterday was the funeral...i cried so hard along with about half of the school right there with me crying as well...i will never forget how much fun me and Scott had together hanging out at shcool or at the mall or's gonna be hard but im gonna be ok...ive been wanting to put this on VT for a while and i finally glad i have friends here that have good feelings for me...and at home to so i just wanna say thanx and im glad u guys r here to listen....Scott Rogers 1992-2005.

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