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Originally Posted by I like Music
Hmmm.....what he/she said ^^^^^^^^^
Well... He's pretty pissed, kind of hurts too because that guy was like a brother to me. I could just walk into his house as if it was my own, I grew up with the guy then just because of this he hates me. I know it'll probably all blow over within a few months, but still, it sucks. I mean, every summer up until now(including when I was 3 I am told), he and I hung out almost every day.. I know some shit about him that even he can't remember. Like how he used to pretend he was making out with Jasmine from Aladin and he'd like jump around under his blankets groaning when we were like 7 XD....

And now I'm starting to have second thoughts. I mean, I know it was wrong of them to do that stuff while she had a boyfriend.. But maybe he really liked her...? I mean, all last summer when I'd be at his house and etc. she's all he'd talk about... After a while I was sick of hearing about it and just said "Man.. You're obssessed you know that?... It's like she's all you think about!" and then he started with the 'games' and 'my little project'... So I don't know, maybe I forced him to say it in that way so he didn't sound pussy whipped and then I screwed it up for him because he thought I was good enough of a friend not to tell. Damn.. So confusing.

What should I do...?
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