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Default "I ruined the "relationship" " (novel #2

k to understand parts of this you'll need to read my first novel about my joseph haha jk

but not between me and

okay lemme start at the begining......alright last saturday we went to this bbq at our church cus we were supposed to sell baked goods with the youth group...well we get there and his step mom comes up to me and says something and I didnt hear her and wasn't sure if she was talkin to me so I looked up and looked at her (I'm sure I looked confused) and shes're food is taken care of (the bbq was 5$ a plate) and me being me I was trying to process what she saying your food was taken care of she was saying that she paid for my plate and it took me a minute to understand that....well by the time I got it she had walked away cus she walked away really fast and I was about to say thank you and I couldnt get it out cus I looked up and she was gone.....

Well before people were gettin there for the bake sale me and joseph and some kids were in the hallway just relaxing and deanna comes around the corner and looks at me and yells WE COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE!! so me and joseph were stuck bagging these stupid lil styrofoam boxes full of bbq (the whole time! when we were supposed to be with the youth group!!) and of course were standing right by the bags of pickles and onions and I'm allergic to I was trying to refrain from sneezing on stuff while still bagging and everything and joseph walked over to his dad who was cutting the brisket and I heard his dad just jokingly say how come Nykole hasn't said hi to me? (and I hadn't because I was worried about the onions and getting sick plus he was busy and I didnt wanna bother him) so I walked over there and I was like hii and we laughed and deanna real mean sounding was just like...YEAH AND THATS NOTHING...WHEN I TOLD HER HER FOOD WAS TAKEN CARE OF SHE DIDNT SAY NOTHING TO ME! NOT NOTHING!! and I walked over there and I was like well thank you and she was like ITS A LITTLE LATE NOW!!! THATS PRETTY RUDE!!!! and I went by joseph later and I was like...damn I didnt even WANT a plate of food and she didnt give me a chance to say thank you I hardly heard her when she told me...and of course he gets mad when she's mean to me but when she's a bitch to him he brushes it off so he was mad...

then she all called him over there and he was over there a few minutes and he came back over and told me he had to take her home....then joe (josephs dad) came to me later and hes like..I hope you didnt think deanna was mad at you she just doesnt feel good (and of course inside I was like...what the fuck does she feel bad permanately?!?!) but I was just like its okay blah blah blah (he came back after he took her home btw)

and I was talkin to joseph a few days later and he was like...yeah I was talkin to deanna and she said you ruined the relationship between you two cus you have been ignoring them and the other day when she said she paid for your food you looked at her like she was stupid I was like..NO I looked at her like I didnt hear her and she knew I didnt cus she fuckin repeated herself! and as for ignoring them I havent talked to them any more or any less then I used to!! If she expects a phone call the phone line runs both fuckin ways! and hes like yeah just brush it off baby I'm sorry you have to go through this but just a little while longer and I'll make it up to you I promise..but anyway

is it just me or is that the biggest load of crap you've ever heard?!? and I even told joseph me and her never had a fuckin relationship!!! I didnt come to your house for her! I didnt come to help her clean house and do things online and do projects and write lesson plans!! I came over to see you! and ONLY YOU!! I just did all that to please her while I was there! I dont give a shit about her or anyone else in that house except you!! You're dad is cool don't get me wrong but he's not who I'm there for...I think it's pretty fuckin selfish that she expects me to be buddies with her just because I'm dating you..I DONT EVEN FUCKING LIKE HER!!!!! (I'm sorry I tend to overuse the words fuck, fucked, fucking, fucker, ect. when I'm mad haha)

So I guess I can still see him at church and if the bitch will let him come over here for a date or whatever every few weeks (cus she wont let him come more than once every two weeks..if that) She needs to die...she needs to die and go to hell....

anyway..he got pretty upset the other day about having to be here....I guess it's harder for him to stay knowing that he's gonna be leaving and he wants out now. like dont get me wrong our relationship is perfect it could not be there's nothing I would change he just wants away because of her (I'm sure ya'll understand) but yeah I just had to rant and some input would be it just me or is this the most retarded shit you've ever heard? bah <I'll be using this again


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