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Default Re: How open are you about your disorders-mental illnesses??

Originally Posted by Abyssal Echo View Post
I make friends pretty easily keeping them is a problem. Most people tell me they don't have a problem with me being Bi Polar. There's a difference between not having a problem with something and actually being around and dealing with the person that has it. Most of the time I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with sometimes I'm a moody bitch. <---- this is why I tell people up front that I have Bi Polar. I let them make the decision if want to get to know me or not. I look at it this way either they can deal with it (which is great) or they can't... which is fine too.
That is exactly a huge problem for me, too.
Making friends was always easy and if I told them about having bipolar and all they said it's okay but being then really able to deal with my mood swings and the way I sometimes act was then always a different thing.
Cuz even if you know about these things it is hard to deal with them.

So usually I have the same effect if I don't talk about my being Bi Polar and the friendship just going to hell one day cuz they feel I'm a moody asshole.
That at least spares me them telling everyone afterwards I'm a crazy freak.
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