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Default Re: How open are you about your disorders-mental illnesses??

Originally Posted by Body odah Man View Post
I want to be open, but being open either results in fear, hatred or scorn (thanks mom).
I just keep it inside and ignore the anger or hurt people emotionally
Originally Posted by Tim987 View Post
I only have like 3 people that know my only friend my sister and an aquaitence that knos about my health because i find it so hard talk to people about it and most don't understand what it id
I feel exactly the same.
My therapist told me to be open and explain my illness to the people around me they will supporting and this would be helpful for me blah blah...

However truth is people either don't care( which is still the best reaction ) think that I'm a drama queen cuz everyone feels like that sometimes so why with me it's an illness...or they think I'm a total freak.

So I try to act "normal" as much as i can which puts a lot of pressure on me.
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