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Default Re: How open are you about your disorders-mental illnesses??

We know each other pretty good I believe, so think it's no surprise that I'm pretty open about myself with most people to talk about stuff. So long as it has realistic, positive meaning to someone. And I'm open to talk here to if you like

What I'll say about hiding stuff though, just my thoughts.....think most people are pretty smart about this kinda stuff. And if they don't know, but have a real interest/concern for someone, they'll learn about it some how. But also, people thinking your crazy and stuff, that's only because they don't understand what is up with you, and have a hard time identifying with someone who has a mental illness or disorder. But if they understand about it, they will be able to understand you better.

So if you open up, just a little, not the whole world or anything, to a few people who you might like and or trust, do for it, you might be surprised.
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