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Originally Posted by *}Jimafu
Rowan: You don't have to be a grammar Nazi to quickly check over the page for misspelled words. You do have to be a grammar Nazi to notice misused homonyms. Also, I never called you arrogant. I called myself arrogant. Does my blatant honesty upset you?
I'm not a grammar nazi. Had you not pointed out some dude's mispelled word for no reason what so ever, I'd of said nothing about how you messed up on a homonym or how you made a typo when replying to Elokyn :p..

Also, I was reffering to Whisper when I said I was arrogant. Yeah, I'm new and I was earlier in a fight with cosmos because everything he said seemed offensive, and he kept trying to think of reasons that what I was saying wasn't true and even in the end when they had no reply didn't accept my point.. So then I state, that I don't respect anyone for a high post count, because it's true, so now I am titled, promptly, Arrogant.. Yay!

Yay for raging off topic threads
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