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Default I hate this so much right now.. (i post too much on here)

Blinkyyyyyyy182: I fuckin hate myself
Blinkyyyyyyy182: HATE
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I'm fuckin useless

hopeless love616: what is it?
Blinkyyyyyyy182: my fast ass ran out of breathe
Blinkyyyyyyy182: breath*
Blinkyyyyyyy182: didn't even fuckin get half way to my grandmas

hopeless love616: *huggles*
Blinkyyyyyyy182: Don't deserve that
hopeless love616: yes you do
Blinkyyyyyyy182: no
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I don't
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I'm ganna hit my dad
Blinkyyyyyyy182: soo he can beat the fuck out of me
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I don't deserve to live
Blinkyyyyyyy182: anymore
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I can't even fuckin run .2 miles
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I hate myself
Blinkyyyyyyy182: for eating mc donalds
Blinkyyyyyyy182: and never leaving from my seat
Blinkyyyyyyy182: tomorrow I will run
Blinkyyyyyyy182: even if I pass out
Blinkyyyyyyy182: on the fuckin street

hopeless love616: do whatever makes you happiest
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I can't kill myself
Blinkyyyyyyy182: no sharp objects or weapons

hopeless love616: honey don't do that!
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I can't even if I wanted
hopeless love616: you better not
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I can't
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I want to
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I'm soo fuckin useless
Blinkyyyyyyy182: I hate myself ashley

hopeless love616: why? why do you hate yourself?
hopeless love616: i love you ok? and i don't like it when you get like this. i get upset.

He is making me sad. I don't like it when he is like this. I wish I could help him. He is so upset cuz he had to do some workout thing and it's like

lil' ashes
i don't need pills
when i have a drug like you.

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