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Default Re: Stop taking meds

Originally Posted by Cheerfoxx View Post
Hello Michard,

I also do have "lightly diagnosed" schizophrenia. I stopped using medication by myself, not even asked the docter for permission. I am really happy I stopped using the meds. I used abilify.

I became thick, my head was thick, my body was thick, my stomach was thick. I was really sensitive for many things that the meds did with my body. I was tired as hell. That was the baddest things, that I was so tired all the time.

I have it all under controll at the moment, and I am just having some voices now and then, but just everything under control.

And btw, I just stopped using them after 3 years. I did not feel anything different at first, but now I realised how much pain the meds gave me, I was tired all the time, and my thoughts really stopped me. Now I feel more myself.

I do not know if this helps you anymore.

But I understand correctly, that you stopped using meds by yourself, and that everything is ok now, aswell?

I do have one problem: The only thing I wish in life now, is to have some close relationship with someone.
I miss the sensation and the warmth of a good female body.

I am trying to work on it, but its my thoughts , and how I behave, and what I say to them that drives them away from me. I am stable , I think myself, but I just hope I find the right person who stays with me.

I had alot of dates with girls (drinking somewhere at a restaurant outside or inside, going out with them, sleeping at their home (once), chatting (allot), go swim, go bowling).

I just hope I can have this great summer with a nice summer girl, that would be so awesom if that dream can come true. Just being in love and stuff.

I just have to work on myself to become better. Just like you.


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