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I'm not ok.

I came home early today because I felt sick. I mean, really really sick. Wesley got online and I was like "yay I get to talk to him" well he started going on about some chick he had to help out today and he thinks she's hot and they are practically the same and what not. So not cool.
I was like "you had a better day than I did" and he was like "tell me about it" and I couldn't tell him he ruined it so I just said "I got depressed". I really am. He shouldn't be doing that to me. I do go around telling him that I think this guy I go to school with is hot (and this guy is but it is a whole other story). But it hurts.
He is coming over sometime this weekend. I don't know what to do. I'm so afraid I will let it go but I will try not to.

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